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Blade Over Shield - Morrigan War Water Wash is a hybrid spell item, one that takes the traditional war water recipe and adds a uniquely Morriganic twist.

War water is traditionally water that contains iron nails that are left to rust and infuse into the water, creating a potent mixture dedicated to the energies of Mars, War, aggression, defense, protection and cursing.
Blade wash contains my personal war water that contains authentic English iron nails from a destroyed building, that infused over the full cycle from Dark moon to Dark moon on my Morrigan altar.
Added to this base is the unique recipe from the OG (original goddess) of Protection ranges - Blade over Shield.


★Goddess Morrigan, Protection magick, Endurance, Warrior archetype, banishes ill-intention from others,  reinforces your auric shield, shields a location when worked into a space, destroys unwanted energies, energies of victory and overcoming all foes, creates barriers against malicious spells, energies or entities  ★


"Blade over Shield,

Shield over Arm,

Arm over Heart."


Starry Aura Spell Spritz - Blade over Shield takes the exclusive Blade over Shield to a whole new fragrant level, combining the energies of Protection, of the Warrior and honouring the Goddess Morrigan. 
It is perfectly suited for daily protection rites and spells, as well as more elaborate rituals to honour and work with the Goddess Morrigan.
Blade over Shield captures the fierceness of the Goddess Morrigan; the warrior Goddess without apology, and encourages us to reflect that vibration; to be fearless in our lives, be to also be well protected as we stride into battle.


This is my *must* have item for protection and if I could only use one item for the rest of my life, this would be it


★ Dragons blood is used in rituals of power, protection, and manifestation - it’s dials the energy up to 11 and takes no prisoners (very Morriganic in my opinion), it also promotes courage and protective shielding in dangerous situations. Also known as a “very good start” to any protection base!

★Ginger is another fiery essential oil that combines with dragons blood to give that Morrigan rains down fire vibration.

It also soothes stress and anxiety helping a space and aura to feel calmer and easier to relax in so that stress vibrations aren’t adding to a lack of protection.

★ Bay is used in Witchcraft for Victory and success, it is also war like and fiery. It fills an individual with courage and smashes apathetic energy which can get in the way of self assertion and protection


Uses of War Water include

★Sprinkled around the perimeter of the home for protection
★Used to wash down an altar which is dedicated to a War God or Goddess
★Wash down a space before/after protective or cursing work
★Sprinkled around an enemies home or where they will walk to curse them
★Added to floor washes for protection
★Added to freezer spells for extra potency
★Used in uncrossing or unhexing work to destroy others spellwork


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Blade Over Shield - Morrigan War Water Wash

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