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★Bloodthorn - The Dark Wood ★


★★★ Rebirth, the Old Woods, Primal Spirits of Nature, Crow Spirits, Tree Spirits, Blackthorn alignment, Letting go of the past, Crossing the Veil, Spiritual Journeys and Trance work. ★★★


"I left a trail of Roses
I left a trail of Blood
For Deep Magick did abound
In that sacred wood
I heard the Wild calling
I pricked my hand on Thorn
I knew at once I'd died
So I could be reborn."
- Joey Morris ©


The energies of Bloodthorn are to embrace the energies of the Black Thorn that punctures you and causes your blood to flow for it is symbolic of piercing the Veil so that knowledge flows.

The primal energy of the Old Gods and the sacred groves within woods that weave into your blood and make you feel alive and spiritual. It speaks of the ancient languages of trees speaking to one another, the life blood of the Divine flowing through the forests as well as through you.

The magick of Bloodthorn is all of these and more, it is the nature of Rebirth.


To destroy the old you so that the new you might be born, drawing poison from old wounds so that they might be healed as well as the red ties or threads of fate or destiny which bind us all to Earth and to one another.
It reminds us that no matter how many times we are cut and fall, we can get up, and fight on.

Would make a wonderful addition to any magickal space or altar.

All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

★Bloodthorn ★The Dark Wood ★ Spell Orb

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