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★ JACK’S BACK... it’s.... okay... this is Halloween Halloween Halloween ★


Bone daddy got a makeover. He’s pretty fly for a dead guy.



Every year at Starry Eyed Supplies we like to bring you a fun spell orb to reflect just how joyful the energy of Halloween or Samhain is for this witch.
This year we have Bone Daddy! inspired by Jack Skellington from A Nightmare before Christmas, one of my all time favourite Halloween movies, and a firm favourite with a huge number of people, witches and non witches alike!


The Spell Orb is imbued for blessings and to bring in positive energy, and just radiates that Halloween town style.
A perfect Halloween or Samhain decoration that could easily be left out all year round!


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

"Bone Daddy!" Nightmare before Xmas Halloween inspired Spell Orb

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