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★ Badb as Banshee, Justice, Magical Self Defence, Justice, Getting the truth out of a situation, Stopping people lying about you, Stopping gossip, Destroying harmful situations, Banishing toxic situations or people from your life, returning hex-work, evil-eye, negative ill-wishing and curses back to sender, getting Justice especially when the system is stacked against you, righteous fury or wrath ★


Bones, Claw & Crow is a spell energy for facing the worst situations in life - those kind of difficulties most of us wish were not part of our world, but sadly, they are.


This energy is to stand against those who would break you.

Fighting back when diplomacy has failed.

Thorns pierce, claws tear... only the truth remains.


This spell energy evokes the Phantom Queen who howls forwarning of Death and Destruction - for in some cases, a situation must be brought to an end.
There are people who manipulate, lie, and harm others, and they get away with it because of the corruption in our legal justice systems. 
Witchcraft is meant to align with those who feel disempowered and bring that back into balance, giving them power back and assisting them in life.


This energy is that ideal embodied; when you are betrayed, lied to, gossiped about, manipulated, harmed or in danger from someone else (or a group) then Bones, Claws & Crow is the etheric blade to sever and disconnect their energy from your own, and end a situation swiftly and with purpose.


The Spell Orb is protective against the worst kinds of malicious spells and energies.


Bones, Claws, & Crow aligns with several plant spirits including:

★ Black Mustard Seed - a herb of Fire and Mars, it has a Warrior aspect that demands truth, justice and clarity from a situation. It is used to confuse enemies who wish you harm, and help with court cases.

★ Blackthorn (Ogham Straif) - is another Warrior energy, its thorns are used to bind and curse and it has a long standing history in European folklore as being used for 'blasting.' This makes it ideal for throwing back unwanted energy or spells back to where it came from. The thorns also pierce - through a situation, an energy, a lie - bringing truth and resolution.


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Bones, Claw & Crow ★ For Magical Self Defence ★ Spell Orb

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