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Boudicca - Celtic War Water is a hybrid spell item, one that takes the traditional war water recipe and adds a uniquely Celtic twist.

War water is traditionally water that contains iron nails that are left to rust and infuse into the water, creating a potent mixture dedicated to the energies of Mars, War, aggression, defense, protection and cursing.
Boudicca contains my personal war water that contains authentic English iron nails from a destroyed building, that infused over the full cycle from Dark moon to Dark moon on my Morrigan altar.
Added to this base is authetic Celtic Woad and other ingredients that blend together to give a potent and unique energy.

Boudicca was a Celtic Queen who resisted and fought against the Roman invasion of Britain; her ruthless and ability to lead was noted even by her enemies, and she became quite a thorn in their side, winning against them in certain battles which unseated their pride.
Although Boudicca eventually fell to the superior force, her determination to fight given overwhelming odds and her military prowess led her to become legendary.


Uses of War Water include

★Sprinkled around the perimeter of the home for protection
★Used to wash down an altar which is dedicated to a War God or Goddess
★Wash down a space before/after protective or cursing work
★Sprinkled around an enemies home or where they will walk to curse them
★Added to floor washes for protection
★Added to freezer spells for extra potency
★Used in uncrossing or unhexing work to destroy others spellwork


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Boudicca - Celtic War Water

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