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★★★ The Morrigan in all Her aspects, connecting to and honouring The Great Queen ★★★


Calling out to the Celtic Goddess Morrigan - A complete Spell kit for beginners is a highly limited item based on my interactions with The Morrigan, and contains a complete set for anyone seeking to connect with her energy. 


The spell kits are limited, due to their intensive creation process, as all items are created in ritual space as per usual but then allowed to harness energy on my private Morrigan altar for three cycles of the Dark Moon (which I associate with her in my personal practice.) 

Please note these kits take time to create. 


Each spell kit contains a mixture of Starlet favourites and limited edition items you can only get with the set, including: 


★ Crow Warrior skull - each one painted differently as Spirit dictated
★ The Phantom Queen Candle
★ Blade over Shield spell oil
★Blade over Shield Aura Spritz Spray
★ Blade over Shield Incense sticks
★ 'Neath a Corvids wing - Protection & return to sender pendant
★ Mama M Black Salt for the Morrigan in glass potion bottle
★ Ritual spell candles - The Morrigan - Phantom Queen
★ The Morrigan Blasting Powder - Potion bottle
★Temple of Blade over Shield - Temple incense
★ Obsidian arrow head (or equivalent crystals.)
★ Three wildcrafted English Blackthorn spikes 
★ A wildcrafted English Crow Feather
★ The Morrigan pin (cooking spit) for piercing the veil
★ Spirit Offering Powder - The Morrigans' Psychopomp
★ Blade over Shield Protection Pendant


This collection is what I am calling my ultimate Morrigan collection


*(Note, cloth not included)


Please note - this spell kit is made to order, and due to its larger size may take up to 90 working days to complete. This is to ensure you have the best possible products!


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Calling out to the Celtic Goddess Morrigan - A complete Spell kit for beginners

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