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We are Rising
We are Returning
We are the Old Ones
Held in the Land...


🌾 Does Lughnasadh leave you feeling a bit flat as a festival? Are you disconnected from it more than any other? Does it leave you thinking "I don't know what to do with that," or "I just don't get excited by it..." Well, PAST ME agreed with you.


🌾 PRESENT me however created this jam-packed 77 page course full of Goddess worship, information to redress the holiday, rituals, spells, ideas, and LOTS OF YUMMY FOOD RECIPES BECAUSE TAURUS MOON WAS ON THE CASE!!!


🌾 Have you heard of Tailtiu? Probably not right... well, that's because She's been shoe-horned out of Her own season. And we're reclaiming that. GODDESS POWER!!!


🌾 I feel so much better about this holiday after creating this course, and I hope you will enjoy it too. This seriously changed my life. I do not say that lightly!


★ Celtic Calling - Ancient Grain Mother of Lughnasadh / Lammas★

★★★ Contains a 77 page E-Book - this is a complete beast of a course!!!


★Is this for you?

🌾Walk the path with a Priestess of the Goddess, learning to reconnect and combine the ancient mysteries with the modern day practices!This course combines Celtic Witchcraft, Goddess worship, folklore, history and magical practices; this e-book/course offers a unique perspective on the Sabbat Festival of Lughnasadh, and reclaiming it for the Ancient Earth Grain Goddess Tailtiu!

★ What do we cover in this course?

🌾 A Celtic Witch perspective of the festival of Lughnasadh with all the information you could possibly need from beginner level to more advanced!
🌾A discussion of some of the appropriate historical and folklore elements of Lughnasadh / Lammas; looking at what the Celtic people may have originally celebrated and combining that with the evolution of our Witchcraft!
🌾 A guide on what magical practices might improve your life that are perfect for this time of year & embracing your sovereign self!

★★★ Goddess Worship, Priestessing & Celtic Witchcraft ★★★

🌾 Invocation for and connecting to The Goddess Tailtiu
🌾 How the festival ties into this forgotten Goddess, and its deeper meaning

🌾 Reclaiming Lughnasadh / Lammas - and giving it back GODDESS MEANING!!!
🌾 How to set up an altar to the Ancient Grain Mother
🌾 How to cast a Celtic Circle / Sacred Grove & invoke the Tree Guardians

🌾How to invoke the Celtic Elemental Mothers of Land, Sea, & Sky
🌾 Evocation of Goddess Taitiu - Meditation to help you meet this forgotten Goddess

🌾 Sigil and Spell for the Goddess - Working with the Spirits of the Land & Ancestors


★★★ Spells and how to create Witchy Crafts at home ★★★


🌾How to connect with your ancestors at Lughnasadh
🌾 Major Self Love work - healing the Shadow of being "Forgotten"
🌾 Examining the energies of Life-force // Death-force as balanced Deities
🌾 Journey work for the Inner Sacred Grove - Working with memory in a Sacred Form
🌾Wheat crafting for your altar

★★★ Green Celtic Witchcraft; Plants, Animals and Land Spirits ★★★

🌾 Teaching you in easy to follow steps witchcraft practices that will assist you in meditation, grounding, connection to the Goddess & Earth Spirits

🌾 A section on Wildcrafting & foraging magical herbs for August, this season, and the Goddess ,  and how to contact and meet their spirits

🌾How to speak to Poppy spirits & Land Spirits

🌾KITCHEN WITCHERY MADNESS - SIX FULL WITCHY RECIPES to get the most out of the first Harvests offerings
🌾 How to make Sacred offerings for the Land Spirits & Ancestors & a ritual to give this in offering



Celtic Calling Witchcraft Course - Ancient Grain Mother of Lughnasadh / Lammas

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