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★★★ Cerridwen - The Swynwraig ★★★


"Cerridwen as healer - mistress of herbs, potions, brews - she who sings with the land to heal the land and in so doing to heal ourselves.She who takes what she needs and gives twice as much back. A steadying hand when sickness strikes, a calm word in the midst of stress, the Witch with a salve for every burn and a tea for every chill..."



The Swynwraig embodies many aspects of magical life, but for this spell range the focus is on healing - healing ones self, and others. This energetic matrix is created with the idea of being in harmony within ones body, emotional body, and spiritual body, as well as being connected to the land on which one lives, and the spirits that reside there.


Plant spirit work can be beneficial for those seeking healing in all forms, and brewed together in the Cauldron of Cerridwen, they can become even more infused with magical intent. 
Balance and harmony within ones self can assist with healing.

By connecting to the divine energy of Awen - inspiration - we can channel messages to assist us in our healing journey.


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Cerridwen ★ The Swynwraig & Healer ★ Spell Pendant

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