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★ Protection charm, Crow Spirit, Transformation, Magick, Prophecy, The Morrigan & other 'Dark' Gods or Goddesses ★


This is a long overdue update for a customer favourite. 


I’ve had two customers tell me this charm kept them safe so they walked away unharmed from car accidents.


A wildcrafted crow feather, charm, and black moonstone beads, wrapped with black hemp thread, ribbon, and imbued with protective spells and chants.

It’s out of this world… and it works.


This charm has been created with the energies of the Morrigan and her Corvid brethren in order to provide layers of protection against all harmful negative energies. It shelters you from all harm, be it intentional psychic attack or unwittingly sent negativity.


Those individuals of a magickal or empathic nature can be particularly sensitive to the icky energy that some other emit, and it is not always possible to avoid those individuals in our lives. This beautiful charm set up barriers of future protection, and return them from whence they came.


Corvid energy works wonders because they are messengers from the Goddess Morrigan and can call out in warning when danger is near. On a spiritual level, they have great powers of magick and foresight, helping you to be more aware of the energies around you, and receive messages of forewarning should you be at risk.


"May the black feathered wings of the Goddess Morrigan surround you and keep you from all harm, may you be invisible to those who seek to hurt you as the mists of Corvid magick swirl around you aura. May the wise old Crow call out to you in warning and gift you with insight so that you will be forewarned." - J.Morris


One customer had this charm tied in her car to protect her, and one day its magick saved her life.
She was side on hit by a dangerous driver, and escaped without a scratch, but told me as she was hit the charm somehow dislodged itself from the back of the car where it was securely attached, flew infront of her and hit the windscreen - in her mind it absorbed the energy of the attack and protected her. There was also no way for the charm to have naturally come undone from its secure location.

To date this story is one of those of which I am most proud.


★ Black Moonstone in Witchcraft - Used in protection work of all kinds, keeps the emotional body stable and protected, creates a barrier against other peoples' negativity.


All my own work recipe and design, all rights reserved

Charm of the Crow ★ Protective Spell Charm

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