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The Crow Poppet - Crow of War is a new line exclusive to Starry Eyed Supplies!

The Crow Poppet draws on a rich history of Poppets which are used for sympathetic magick. This particular Poppet draws on the relationship between the Celtic Goddess Morrigan and one of her Totem animals; the Crow, both of which I have an ongoing relationship based on love and trust.
This Poppet would make a beautiful addition to any Morrigan altar or as part of a spell work set up.
The Crow Poppet contains herbs and crystals for the magicks of; war, victory, personal success, success in battles of all kinds such as legal battles where manipulation is getting in the way of justice, battling ones inner demons, for the spiritual warrior to aid them driving out all negative, harmful and evil energies or entities. Helps you in battles where righteous anger is on your side.

Poppets are tools which have an energy of their own; they are not toys. They must be worked with and treated with respect to achieve a working magickal relationship.

All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Crow Poppet - Crow of War

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