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★ Return to sender, Reversal spells, Grounding off malicious energy or intention ★


Felt poppet, hand stitched and imbued with spell. Contains return to sender blend by yours truly.


They’re all a little different to each other too which I like - makes them individuals. Each one is made for you individually and attuned to your energy and needs, and set on The Morrigan altar for 3 days.


The Crow Poppet draws on a rich history of Poppets which are used for sympathetic magick.


This particular Poppet draws on the relationship between the Crow and it's shape-shifting ability to see all things past, present and future, this ability means that it taps into energies when psychic attack is sent your way.


The colour scheme is green and white. Green is used to ground off all nonsense flung your way or created in your mind/body by the situation. White is used to reflect and return to sender (white reflects.)


Poppets are tools which have an energy of their own; they are not toys. They must be worked with and treated with respect to achieve a working magickal relationship.


★ How to activate: Hold the poppet in your hands and fill it with your energy, focusing on the spell and how you wish it to unfold. Breathe into the poppet three times. You may wish to name it and "bring it to life" this way too. 


Chant the spell provided. Visualise the outcome.


★ Keep the poppet out whilst using it for the spell, and regularly feed it energy whilst the working is underway. You can do this by holding your hands over it and projecting energy into the poppet, or with incense or a candle flame (separate from poppet, do not ignite the felt.) 

★ When the poppet is not working for you, wrap in a black cloth and put away.



All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Crow Poppet ★ Return to Sender

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