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★ For rebirth, spirits of the dark forest, alchemising pain into purpose, decomposing the old shadow wounds into nourishment. ★


This beautiful soy candle is the pure artistry of the forest spaces, designed to capture the essence of a hedge witch in the dark forest.
It honours the spirit of mushrooms - those spirits who connect and alchemize all life, all energy, lending us their great wisdom and power.
People overlook them all the time, but they carry on regardless.


The soy wax has been thrice deepened to give it a rich midnight sky effect, and the fly agaric toadstool is all wax, crafted and handpainted (with wax) by myself. Add beautifully hand pressed leaves, moss, and flowers and you have the second beauty in the dark forest range.


Channelled sacred poetry: 


“I have walked steps of death

Bleeding over jagged stones

In each crevice a toadstool blooms

The twist of it could have been

End incarnate

As I hesitantly, achingly, tiptoe

Through the darkest of forests

Lulled by promises of sleep

Moss rich boughs

Pillared gateways all

Whispering of otherness

Dew drops of old tears

Woven into thread canopies

And dried in frost curled ferns

Glittering in the sun

Here I have been unmade

Time and time again

This dark forest is both

My enemy and dearest friend

As mushrooms from my bones descend

For we all decompose in the end.”

- Joey Morris 2023 all rights reserved


My own work, recipe and design all rights reserved. ©


Glass can get hot when candle is burning, please burn with care and use a heatproof mat underneath

Never leave a burning candle unattended
Remove herbs to lessen the heat / burn prior to burning
Burns for approx 5 hours


Size - Diameter: 125mm Height: 70mm

Dish will hold approx. 440g of Soy wax
Cotton Eco wick

Dark Fantasy Forest ★ Fly Agaric ★ Hedge Witch candle

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