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Amber vial with metal rollerball dispersal, each anointing oil is created for magical use with essential oils and a base carrier oil. No ick, no synthetics, all natural and beautiful scented.

Not intended as a cosmetic perfume but should not irritate skin. Anoint your magical tools and jewellery with this gorgeous Spell oil!


★ Healing with the shadow, the deep unconsciousradical self acceptance, journey through the dark night of the soul, being held in the cosmic cauldron/lake, regeneration, rebirth ★


★Scent - Rich plum with pear notes against a patchouli and sandalwood base amongst others


"Between the Orchestra of the night sky lit by stars and the deepest watery depths of limitless emotion does a soul reside." - Priestess of Avalon in meditation


The Dark Waters of Avalon Spell range is an energy based around personal spiritual shadow work, designed to help the caster create a safe cosmic cauldron / Lake in which to be supported by the Universe in times of great personal difficulty. 


Shadow work within spiritual circles is the inclusion of the psychological concepts presented by Jung in conjunction with spiritual work and magick to help heal the self.
It is never an alternative to psychological work with a professional, but an additional form of healing, balancing and supporting the individual.

Dark Waters of Avalon is a physical manifestation of my personal healing temple.
For all healing work, I journey to the spiritual manifestation of Avalon, and shadow work is no different.

With the night kissed waters of the lake of Avalon, one is held, supported, and surrounded by the liminal element of water, a conduit to the Divine Otherworld, allowing for an open channel of messages between the individual, their Gods and Goddesses, their ancestors, and healing spirits of the land and water.

The aesthetic of Dark waters reflects the image of the night sky being reflected in the lake, as though the individual was swimming amongst the stars.

The spell energy connects us to both the realm above, the realm of thought, reason, and logic, as well as the emotional body all around and within, the body of the self that feels, and manifests.

Here, in this space, we can scry in the waters and commune with ourselves.


We can speak to the wounded parts of self, to open ourselves to understanding and accepting the parts of our soul which we have neglected, ignored, or shunned.


The beginning of communication of soul is the beginning of personal healing.
To forgive the wounded parts of self, and learn from them.

Not to dismiss or ignore these parts, and not to "overcome" them, but to realize that all wounds are points of light into the self; each wound becomes alchemized, turns into a star within our own cosmic landscape, a tapestry which guides us along the path of our lives.


★ Pear in Witchcraft -  In Witchcraft many give pear the energy of love or lust spells, but its power goes beyond this - its folklore is tied to themes of the limits of our perception,  the power to hypnotise or enchant, consequences for ones actions, and how one impacts the world around them.


★ Plum magical properties - Plum is primarily about attraction magick, it is used in spells to help you find your love or as an aphrodisiac! It can also be used for increasing your spiritual connection to the world or to to help relax the mind and the body.


★ Sandalwood in Witchcraft - is used to bring balance to the energetic body and awaken the life force within.  It is also used to balance, centre and calm the mind, and for protection against negative spirits.

★ Patchouli is considered a staple herb in Witchcraft for sexual rites, as an aphrodiasic and for raising the life force, for love magick, as well as for Earthing and grounding work. This makes it an ideal Witches herb as the parallel between the orgasmic and the raising of life force for spell work is rich in symbolism.


How to use the anointing spell oil:


★ Prior to any kind of shadow work - be it journalling, rituals, spells, in order to connect deeply to yourself, grounding and centring your energy

★ Anoint the corners of the altar when performing healing work

★ Draw an Avalon symbol with the oil onto white/silver paper to assist your spell work

★ Anoint the corners of your divination mat or cloth before pulling Tarot/oracle cards

★ Anoint your pendulum (depending on its material.)


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved ©


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved ©

Amber 10ml with metal rollerball
Base carrier Oil - Olive 

Best before - 1 year shelf life
Contains essential oils and skin safe fragrance oils
Not for cosmetic use

★ Dark Waters of Avalon ★ Shadow work ★ Healing ★ Anointing Spell Oil

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