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★★★ Depths of the Underworld - Black Spell Salt ★★★


★ Underworld Journey work, Death, Rebirth, Binding, Death cycles within life, communing with the Death Gods, Starting over in Life, Hades, Persephone ★


★For journeys deep into the self, as the way of the Hedge opens & we fly into the netherworld on crow wings.

★We have come to die - to lay the old self to rest and resurrect from their bones.

★We have come to commune with the Death Gods who hold immortal secrets & hold our grieving hearts deep within their Earthy hands.

★We embrace the death cycle as we lay our past to rest & speak eulogies for who we used to be - encasing ourselves in shrouds of memory.

★We out to rest that which tethers and binds us to stagnation & inaction.

★We honour the death priestess who acts as psychopomp, be it within our own self or guiding spirit.

★A rejigged blend for 2022 - the black witch salt from the hedge mixed with plant spirits who speak of death: of poppy and her eternal slumber, of birch and her wailing phantom, of ancient grains & flowers to bedeck the graves.


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Depths of the Underworld - Black Spell Salt

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