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Crow speak Anthology the Morrigan is now available for digital download.


PDF format.


These are designed for personal use ONLY. Anyone found to be distributing the downloadable version without permission WILL incur legal action.


Digital downloads are non refundable.


Crow speak anthology - The Morrigan


There's a Witch in these bones
In the crags and the creek
Bringing magick to bear
In Old tongue crow speak...


Welcome Starlet, to the new book, a priestesses dedicated work to The Morrigan.


An anthology of all my work on The Morrigan to date - a claiming, reclaiming, of all my sacred words in Her presence, for Her honouring, as Her priestess.

A journey of transformation - an offering to hopefully support and inspire you on your journey.

Pages for warriors and healers, phantoms and shapeshifters - all the faces of The Great Queen.

A howling scream into the night - we are still here and we are not afraid.


My songs/prayers/invocations have been around for over 10 years now as part of the Songs of Shades series - but this book, this is dedicated solely to the Great Queen.
With classic work and brand new alike, it is the long path under The Morrigan, documenting my feelings and experiences working with Her.
It is sacred Invocation to call out to Her in ritual, poetic offerings to offer her in song or whisper, it is spells to work with Her blessing.


Crow speak anthology honours my journey, my words, my struggles, and triumphs under Her... and it is my hope that they will support you on your journey too.

All I have ever wanted was to belong - so maybe I can offer you that feeling in these pages.
You are not alone. 
And together, we will always rise.


All my own work and design all rights reserved ©

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD - Crow Speak Anthology ★ The Morrigan

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