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Digital / PDF version of the Girl God Anthology - The Legacy of Boudicca


The Warrior Woman Spirit in a modern age calls to you - remember the legacy of those who have fought, and died, and remember that you can do whatever you set your mind to.


Not only will you survive - but you will thrive. I promise you this.
I know - because I have walked that road myself, as have the incredible women who answered the call of this anthology... to share their stories of trials, tribulations, and victories.

To inspire and bolster your spirit when you feel that the world is too much, too cruel... to remind you that together We Are Rising.


In Defiance of Oppression - The Legacy of Boudica is an anthology that encapsulates the Spirit of the defiant warrior in a modern apathetic age. No longer will the voices of our sisters go unheard, as the ancient Goddesses return to the battlements, calling to ignite the spark within each and every one of us—to defy oppression wherever we find it, and stand together in solidarity.


In Defiance holds the voices of women from across the globe who answered Boudiccas' War Cry, each with their own unique experience and expression. Delve into the pages and remember the spirit of defiance within you. We are still here, we are standing with you, and we shall never, ever, give up.


''This searing anthology combines poetry, prose, historical allegory and political manifesto. Encouraging, inspiring and sometimes jarring, it is a call to arms for women everywhere. This is a collection of works from different perspectives and life paths, woven together into a piece of material that will warm you up in places and deeply challenge you in others.''

- Kelly-Ann Maddox, Author of Rebel Witch: Carve the Craft That's Yours Alone

DIGITAL ★ In Defiance of Oppression ★ The Legacy of Boudicca ★ Anthology

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