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Full Goddess Course - "Dirt & Bone" - Connect with Lilith & Eve for Empowerment


A full course in re-wilding and empowering yourself from Starry Eyed Supplies!


"If you are here, then you have heard the call…

You feel the wildness awakening within…

Your soul yearns to explore the deeper mysteries…


The world outside of ourselves seeks to control the populace, to turn back to systematic oppression of the wild untamed spirit.
For the spiritually sensitive, the constant onslaught of cultural and political hatred can lead to the safety of isolation, rejecting human interaction in favour of solitude within nature.
The Earth too is being attacked by the greed of humankind.
Witches and spiritual seekers know that the world around us is very much alive; connected through the spiritual ecosystem.
There is no energetic separation between any living organisms, and the planet beats with a million heartbeats joining as one.



Dirt and Bone is a course that was designed by Joey Morris who wanted a more comprehensive guide that instructed a person with the how to achieve a process of personal 're-wilding' and delve deeper into a system of personal spiritual empowerment.


Goddess of DIRT - reclaiming and working with the Goddess Eve for personal empowerment!!!

Goddess of BONE - reclaiming and working with Goddess Lilith for personal empowerment!!!


This course provides a bulk of never seen before material that touches on personal spiritual journey work and includes;

  • Spiritual work within archetypes and concepts to help you shift your perspective: From feeling the disconnect to a sense of how to be empowered!
  • A whole host of spiritual exercises to be worked through at your comfortable pace - no pressure, no time constraints
  • Diving into folklore, mythology, etymology and more so that you can gain deeper insights into personal empowerment
  • Journalling work with prompts and exercises
  • Spiritually channelled poetry
  • Ritual layouts for you to work through and adapt as you wish - Ritual work with Goddess energy!
  • Poetry to connect to my personal system of calling the Elements
  • Picture boards and other evocative artwork to aid in visual connection to the wild self 
  • Recipes and other suggestions for magickal work
  • Connection to two Dark Goddesses who align with the energy of Dirt and Bone
  • Reconsideration of the myth and stories told about these Goddesses
  • Outline on how to connect to the energies of these Goddesses within yourself
  • Working with these Goddesses spiritually to empower yourself
  • How to create an altar space for each Goddess
  • A ritual designed around each Goddess with helpful ideas
  • A custom designed Sigil for you to include in your work for each of the Goddesses
  • The magick of Dirt and Bone as the threads that weave through this journey of empowerment
  • The introduction into Witchcraft with Dirt and Bone as energies to harness within your journey
  • And much more!


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Full Goddess Course - "Dirt & Bone" - Connect with Lilith & Eve for Empowerment

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