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★Gatekeeper ★ Open Doors of Opportunity ★ Spell Oil ★


★Wealth, Abundance, Attract opportunities, Open doors to help your life, Job prospects, Allows you to push through creative and emotional blockages, boosting your personal power, personal will and self belief. It helps creativity to flow and optimism to resume.★


Gatekeeper needed a slight update & reinvention to be in line with the ingredients now available and to increase its magick ten fold, and this is the result! 

Victorious and uplifting, this spell oil generates a vibration of optimism and resilience, reminding you that not only CAN you improve your life, but you WILL. A can do attitude coupled with ruthless determination and a massive dollop of self-belief? Pure magick!

The herbs within have been chosen for wealth & abundance generation in general but also to assist your personal energy when it comes to overhauling your life. Life can get rough, and sometimes we're down on our luck. It can lead to us feeling pessimistic. But this beautiful spell oil can and will be your personal magical assistant - reminding you that you deserve to succeed!


How to use:

★Anoint gold candles for wealth magick
★ Anoint sachets for personal abundance to carry with you
★ Add a few drops to incenses to uplift and motivate you when in your personal space, especially before engaging with work related issues
★ Anoint your workspace to get the most out of your day

All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved ©




All Starry eyed Oils are personally blended by me to a high witchy standard. All oil bases are natural oil, no synthetics. Oils may also include herbs, resins, roots, flowers and occasionally essential oils. All the good stuff, none of the ick.


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved ©

Base carrier Oil - Olive 

Best before - 1 year shelf life
Created with dried botanicals


Not for cosmetic use


Gatekeeper ★ Open Doors of Opportunity ★ Spell Oil

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