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★ Honouring Goddess Brigid, Healing Rituals, Love Spells, Personal Cleansing, Clearing the energetic body of negativity, Alchemizing personal hardship into growth, Rebirth, Hope, A supportive energy for starting over ★


Kiss of light is for the Healer aspect of Goddess Brigid - the alchemist who transmutes painful experiences into growth.


Every order of these comes in a biodegradable pot, with a Muslim bag & quartz Crystal - no mess in your bath tub unless you want it (you do you, boo.)

The buttermilk infused botanical delight has therapeutic grade vanilla essential oil infused into the Epsom salt, along with rose, jasmine & heather to make this an experience that cannot be missed!

★ Bring positivity, love, & deeply healing vibes into your ritual space darlings.


Kiss of light is the Goddess kissing your brow to alleviate the heaviness and hardship (because this witch doesn’t believe in the light versus dark rhetoric.)
The snowdrop at Imbolc is the plant spirit of this energy - as well as it’s symbol. The returning of growth and life to the Earth.

Brigid in this form is the beautiful note of the poet singing their wisdom into eternity.
A return to hopefulness and health after a long drudge of illness.
The rays of the Sun growing stronger and warming the Earth after a long Winter.


For my part, I think of this Goddess as being intertwined with many forms of alchemy; the ability to infuse and change all different forms of matter with magick.
Brigid is a Goddess of cycles, and of change. Her energy can be deeply connective and healing, and the energetic matrix provides a sense of balance and support in that.


★Led by the divine feminine Brigid herself, this botanical milk bath soak contains buttermilk & Epsom salts for a purely magical experience!

★Scented with therapeutic grade vanilla & containing jasmine, rose & heather that has been enchanted in sacred space to bring energies of Love, Healing & hope into your life

★Imbolc is about the light returning - and we often feel the need of it by then. We feel stuck & tired & worn down. This botanical spell will soak off all of that energetic funk & leave you feeling revitalised!

★Major spell work has been cast over this incredible blend - it’s singing away to itself on the altar even now! And there’s no false scarcity here, no limiting people to get a quick sale… witchcraft that supports you when you need it.

★Available in a smaller (250g) or larger size (500g) in our biodegradable pots each comes with a muslin bag & quartz Crystal!

★ Goddess Brigid ★ Kiss of Light ★ Magical Botanical Bath Soak

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