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★ Goddess Brigid, The Sacred Flame, Flame keeper, Energy of Life-force and Alchemy, Transformation, Cleansing, Healing, Personal Torch Bearer, Spells of Personal Power, reigniting Passion for Life, making drastic changes in our lives ★


Goddess Brigid Spell Cauldron candle has been designed to honour the Celtic Goddess Brigid who rules over healing, poetry and smithing, and is attributed with the power of the spoken word particularly sacred to the Celtic Bard tradition.

For my part, I think of this Goddess as being intertwined with many forms of alchemy; the ability to infuse and change all different forms of matter with magick.
In smithing, the alchemical process can be mundane as well as magickal, as items come together from separate parts and grow into some greater still; it is said that the mightest of Celtic weapons were infused with magick and lead their bearers to great victory.


Fire is key in processes of alchemy, and we can see it within her main arenas; Fire has a long history with Blacksmithing, in Healing, and the fire of ‘inspiration’ (fire in the mind, or in the gut,) associated with Bardic Poetry. Fire as an element is considered one of rapid transformation and purification; two pivotal energies for Imbolc (sacred to Brigid) or just rituals in our daily lives as we seek to purify the old and transition to a state of natures’ bounty, both within, and without.


We may wish to invoke the Goddess into our lives through the Inner eternal flame. This calls back to the torch bearers or fire-keepers of Goddess Brigid at Kildare, and carrying that essence within your own self.


All my own work, recipe and design all rights reserved.

Remakes may vary

Please note: The Cauldron's outer container is metal and it will get very hot when you burn them. Please take care to place the cauldron on a suitable surface before burning.


Soy wax with eco cotton wicking and candle dye

Burn with care!

Burn time approx 2 hours

Never leave a burning candle unattended
Remove herbs before burning 
Burn on a heat proof surface and dish incase of drips
Do not ingest

Goddess Brigid ★ Solar Aspect ★ Spell Cauldron Candle

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