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"Close your eyes and waken
Beyond the realm of dreams
Sickness here has carried
Where nothings as it seems
A mask of bone weeps not
In death you shall not tarry
Reborn in heart of Elder
From justice is no parry.
Have the courage to be seen
As ugly and as broken
See the beauty deeper within
The Queen of Helheim has spoken." - Joanne Morris 2016 All rights reserved

The Goddess Hel spell votive has been created to honour the Nordic Goddess Hel, patroness of Nordic Shamans and ruler of Helheim, the afterlife where souls who did not die honourably in battle pass through and are kept by Goddess Hel in an Elder tree until it is time for them to be reborn.
The Goddess Hel is a powerful and respected Dark Goddess, and none can escape Her judgment, mortal or God alike; and her word in matters of her court are final.
Depicted as being half skeletal, her appearance is believed by some to be the origin of the Harlequin mask, and the spell set honours this energy, challenging us to look beyond our own masks, to reconsider the concepts of beauty and ugliness, and to find the courage to see who we truly are.

The spell votive also contains energies of Death and Rebirth as well as Justice, for Goddess Hel is said to have a fiery eye through which She can see all truth; nothing remains hidden from Her sight.

All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved


Please note: Do not leave burning candles unattended

Burn with care!

Place on a heatproof dish

All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved ©

Soy Votive candle

Burn time approx 5-6 hours

Remove flower before burning to be safe

Goddess Hel - Reverse Spell votive

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