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★ Honouring the Celtic Goddess Macha, The Morrigan, Sacred bond between Sovereign and Land, Blood magick, Life-force energy, Fertility of Soul, Warrior essence Reclaiming self, Truth, Justice ★


"I shake my tresses,
Stained in Red,
From all the places,
I have bled,
My crown is covered,
In Battle stain,
I free myself,
Time and again..."

- Macha, Red Tresses, by Joey Morris


For as long as I can remember when engaging with The Morrigan, particularly Macha, the imagery of Blood in the Land was always the focal point.
The image of battle being a kind of blood sacrifice to the Land, and as people bled out the Earth was nourished by them - has always been pivotal to my understanding of Macha.


More recently I happened upon the article The Tradition of Blood Sacrifice to the Goddess Éire by G. F. Dalton, where he calls Macha an "Avatar of Éire" (p351) and showcases the similarities in their mythologies, the very stories told about them, and the concepts of Sovereighty and the Land.
Éire was meant to be the Goddess embodiment of the Land of Ireland, and so Macha being an evolution of Her and also representing the Land is not surprising.

Within this article he covers the gory aspect of blood sacrifice to the land itself,
"The Victim's blood is to be allowed to sink into the ground. By sympathetic magic, this moistening of the soil brings rain and revives the crops. At the same time... this is the correct rite for an offering to an earth-deity." (p344)

In modern times, this practice has largely died out, with only a few drops of blood being offered by some Witches to the Land - those who remember the sacred bond between life-force and the Earth, and perhaps in symbolic ritualistic acts of energy exchange.


Evolution of practice is natural and necessary, and so we seek a modern version of this connection and its meaning when working with Macha as embodiment of the Land and bestower of Sovereignty and Justice.
The temple is built on an energy matrix which honours the ancient sacrifices of our ancestors through blood or willing participation in ritual sacrifice and that kinship with the Land.

As the Land feeds and nourishes us, so we return to and feed the Land.
We are One.

When we work with Macha as an aspect of The Morrigan, we are seeking a return of our power, our personal Sovereignty, and a connection in our search for personal meaning. Macha brings justice to the wronged, avenging those who have been harmed by the feckless actions of others.
She brings fertility of soul - not simply through child birth but by bringing forth our truest and noblest natures. She sharpens us like a blade, believing in us as we overcome hardship and struggle, reminding us that we are resilient and courageous.


Shake well before use.
Best stored out of direct sunlight.  


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved ©

Base carrier Oil - Olive 

Best before - 1 year shelf life
Created with dried botanicals

Glass bottle container 50ml


Not for cosmetic use




Goddess Macha ★ The Morrigan ★ Sovereignty ★ Spell Oil

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