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★ Gretel - The Gingerbread Witch! - Winter Solstice ★★★


★Winter Solstice, Kitchen Magick, Folk Witchery, Love magick, Lust magick, Self healing and acceptance, Personal discovery and Adventure, Sensuality, Soothes Stress, Releases negative mindset ★


One of Gretels perfect spell powders in an adorable spell bottle with cute gingerbread man charm! 

This powder in particular is about living vibrations; inviting love in, be it romantic partnerships, or attracting new friends; or just creating a more harmonious atmosphere in the family or home.The energy is loving, vibrant, calming and supportive - a wonderful powder mix to create sweetening spells of all kinds.


Brand new this Winter season for Starry Eyed Supplies is a scrumptious twist on a classic fairytale!


★ Gingerbread in Witchcraft - I personally love the connection between Gingerbread and the Hexenhäuschen “witch’s cottage” - The German origin of the Hansel and Gretel tale.
Over the years this has simply become a part of modern celebrations, with the warm spicy cake like bread a welcome addition to cold winter nights in many forms. It mingles the magick of ginger - soothes stress and anxiety helping a space and aura to feel calmer and easier to relax in so that stress vibrations aren’t adding to a lack of protection - with the magick of the Winter Season.


★ Vanilla in Witchcraft - Vanilla adds even more creamy sweetness to balance the spice within, creating a perfectly sumptuous love potion. Vanilla is used for conjuring up love, attracting a mate, to embody sensuality and to love the self. Pure passion!


★ Cinnamon in Witchcraft - a vast and powerful herb, Cinnamon is used in many types of spellcraft including Protection and strength of Spirit, Love spells and attraction work - it really does spice things up! Cinnamon can also be used for Luck, Wealth, Fertility & Personal power.


The Story of Gretel
Sometimes I enjoy the imagining of what happened next when it comes to tales, playing with the idea of stories and reimagining them.
For the Winter energy here at Starry Eyed Supplies, that aligned perfectly with this warming spicy scent and energy!

"After her adventures as a child, Gretel grew up listening to others spin a very different tale than the one she had lived; her frolic in the woods and meeting a wyrd old witch had been turned into a cautionary tale against against disobedience.
Gretel had grown from a curious child into a wilful woman, and grew frustrated with her brother ruling the house, and decided one day, to strike out on her own, just like that witch she had met years ago.

Gretel had a great skill for potions, and soon become a famous witch in her own right; brewing concotions of enchantment, brews of seduction, charms of protection and sachets for sweetening unhappy homes.
Her most famous concoction arose from the sweet memories of her childhood, a rich golden gingerbread draught, warmed with spices and sweetened with honey; inviting, luxurious, and delectable it would make everyone feel right at home within their own skin; spice up their passion for life, and leave them feeling the irresistable urge for self discovery and adventure!"

- storytime by Joey Morris 2018 All rights reserved


Bring the magick of Gretel the Gingerbread Witch into your home this Winter season, exclusively from Starry Eyed Supplies! Let the warming magick of this beautiful energy start you on a personal journey of self acceptance and discovery, as well as a good dash of sensuality!
Attract your best self and your best future!


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved ©

Gretel - The Gingerbread Witch! - Winter Spell Powder

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