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★ Hag Witch of the Hedge ★ Divination Spell Kit

First come, first served, three available

Set contains:

*Divination board
*Spell chalice candle

*Incense stick pack
*Hag Witch powder


★ The wisdom of the Hag reach deep into your subconscious, to bring forth memories of magic and ancestral wisdom, taking you to the deepest forest groves surrounded by mountains… and invites you to take a journey beyond the self… For shapeshifting rites, journeys to the Otherworld and tapping into your most witchy self. ★


To see into the Otherworld and glimpse a glance at the future... well, that is the power of the Hag Witch at the Hedge.


The Hag of the Hedge sees much.

Not all you understand ... no one can see all ends!

The craft of second sight is worked on - practiced, expanded, honed and… crafted.

The hag brings herbs to the cauldron in smoke and flame to peer into the other world - for insight, for information, for communion with spirits… and so too, can you.


Utilise this beautiful divination board to gather insights at the swing of a pendulum, or a hagstone, if you're so inclined... 

Hag Witch of the Hedge ★ Divination Spell Kit

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