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🎃🎃🎃 Triple the spook! Triple the scent! Triple the starry magick! 🎃🎃🎃


Incense three pack of the Halloween / Samhain incense sticks so you get three delicious incenses and save money doing so!

Select your spooky team from the drop down menu on the side, and choose from...

Treat team 1 - Trick or Treat, Ghost light & Tombstone

Treat team 2 - Feast of the Dead, All Hallows’ & Spirit realm

Treat team 3 - Temple of Witches, Otherworld &  Witching Hour


Team 1 -
🎃 Trick or Treat - Delicious Halloween treats around the bonfire, caramels, marshmellows, toffees... all around the smoky bonfire!
🎃Ghost Light - Olde Timey Lemonade; uplifting, refreshing citrus with an aroma so good it has to be smelt to be boo-lieved!
🎃 Tombstone - meant to evoke graveyards, deep earthy dirt, worn places rich with memory & age. The scent is a moss laden patchouli with weeping cypress trees & lashings of vertivert amongst others

Team 2 - 
🎃All Hallows' - All Hallows’ is my personal take on pumpkin spice - although apparently it smells like pumpkin pie that an American granny used to make & given I’ve never been to an America or had pumpkin pie I think that’s a (spooky) achievement!!!
🎃 Feast of the Dead - Lashings of Honey over Apple and Fig with a hint of Whiskey amongst others
🎃Spirit Realm - An Uplifting zingy zest combination of Kiwi with Lemongrass and other cleansing scents to cleanse, protect and enrich Spirit communication rituals


Team 3 -
🎃 Temple of Witches - Pure Magick, Deep Earth with a tone of sweet pure magick, Powerful, Evocative, Mysterious, Deep Patchouli with Orchid, Lilac, and other scents
🎃Otherworld - Deep Earthy Patchouli mixed with a Nutmeg tang offset with Juniper amongst others
🎃 Witching Hour - Honeysuckle, Lotus and Amber amongst other evocative night-time scents amongst others



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Halloween Trio Incense Packs

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