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★Hawthorn, Ogham Huath, Overcoming difficulties, Heart healing, Inner strength, finding the courage to keep going, healing through grief★

The Ogham Spell pendants are a new product at Starryeyedsupplies that capture the energy of each Ogham and the relationship between that Tree and its Priestess.

The bottles are glass and contain an energy matrix of crystals and herbs that weaves the story of each Priestess, bringing their magick into your life.
Each ribbon is chosen on the basis of colour magick to add a little extra magick and each pendant comes with a charm.


Wear as part of your ritual jewelery, use as a spell item of magical focus within spell work or to connect with the Ogham energy in meditation.


The Hawthorn Priestess Ogham Pendant has been created to combine the energies of the Ogham Huath or Hawthorn and the priestess of this magnificent tree.

The pendant has been imbued with magickal energies for beauty and grace in the face of overwhelming odds and difficulties, poise, determination to succeed and retaining ones inner light and hope when all seems lost. To empower ones inner strength and drive towards personal victory.

To overcome all trials but especially those of the heart, this set keeps doubt and resignation to defeat out of your heart. Would also work beautifully alongside grief healing ritual or spell work or meditations to help heal a hurting heart in general.


The Hawthorn Priestess speaks to us, telling us that "No matter how much your aching heart hurts, you can overcome. We are the poise and grace in the battlefield, and as the blood drops stain the snow we know we have lived. We are much more than we once were when we were naive and innocent. We are victorious in our glory and we shall be so again."


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved



    Hawthorn Priestess ★ Ogham ★ Spell Pendant

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