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Yes, there is a part of me that is broken, but my broken soil gives way to my wild roses.” – C. JoyBell C.


"Heal the heart, heal the mind,

Release the pain we’ve left behind." - Joey Morris

The healing set contains a beautiful soy wax skull candle (9cm by 6cm approx) & labradorite crystal (such as the one featured.)


Labradorite - the temple of the stars - is a stone of transformation. The energy behind the set is healing & returning to hope - helping us to persevere.


The candle is anointed with a healing spell oil of my own design - to assist with cleansing out the auric body of a build up of negativity, dissolve auric hooks & help lighten a heavy load when we’re hurting.


This spell kit was originally created for myself following a severely painful break-up, and I am sharing it with the world to help heal all those with heavy hearts.


This energy is woven into the skull candle, to purify the aura and energetic matrix, dissolving away negative energy hooks or general ick energy that has wormed its way into our enegetic bodies.
The spell particularly focuses on the relationship between the mind and the heart, helping to ease away bad memories, nagging thought patterns, and lighten the load when the heart is hurting.


It is designed to connect the energy centres of the Cauldrons into alignment - the Cauldron of Wisdom in the Head, and the Cauldron of Motion/Vocation in the heart, and then ground through the Cauldron of Warming.



The set, exclusive to Starryeyedsupplies is one large skull candle and labradorite per set.

Each candle is home made and will vary slightly. Each labradorite will be unique.


All my own work all rights reserved


Cotton Eco wick
Soy Wax
Please place on an even surface with a dish as may drip or pool.

Healing Spell Kit - Healer of the Stars, Skull Candle & Crystal

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