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★The OG (Original Goddess!) of my Healing ranges, Cleansing, Purifying, Supportive, Connective to the Waters of Avalon, Moon Goddess connections ★


The Healing Waters of Avalon - Witch Charm has been created to bring the healing magick of Avalon into your ritual or temple space.

Crafted from strong Willow branches to imbue the energy of deep healing in all forms and connect the grounding roots into the realm of water, the charm itself mirrors the Alchemical symbol for water.

Willow is the tree of Glastonbury // Avalon - it is found all over the Sacred Isle.


The waters of the Lake of Avalon swim with depth, mystery, and magick, stepping into their depths is to become a part of that ancient water, to have it embrace you, cleanse you of all your hurts, and receive healing in their place.

Healing Waters of Avalon is my personal healing brand to bring peace, magick and healing into your life.


The Healing waters of Avalon is my personal brand of healing creations centred around my own meditation; of going into the lake at Avalon to be cleansed and healed, surrounded by the beautiful water; designed around the mythology of the incredible healing powers of the Isle of Avalon. 


All the energies contained within form a beautiful energy matrix of Healing magick to keep all negative energies and intentions away from you and cleanse and purify all that which causes you illness on the physical, emotional and spiritual level.


Willow speaks to us of Emotional as well as Spiritual blockages in our Aura or Energy field, and how to unblock them and allow our natural "inner rivers" to flow freely once again.

These processes can help us find our true selves and reconnect once again with our higher selves, spirits, guides and deity.


Often unstable emotions and blockages leave us feeling disconnected from the realm of the spirit; and Willow, through its spiritual connection to the Water, can help us find ourselves again.


As a result it can help us with dream work and our psychic senses are all renewed in the process.


The Willow Priestess speaks; "Come Child, sit with me by Water's edge and dip your toes into the cool waters of the River. Let all your troubles ease and ebb from you. Through Nature we are healed. Let your emotions flow and tears fall as they may. Through Earth and Water we are renewed."


All my own work and design all rights reserved
Remakes may vary slightly


Healing Waters of Avalon - Witch Charm

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