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★ Jingle Buns! ★ Winter Hare Candle


★ Winter Solstice / Yule, Protection spells, Hare Spirit, Connection with Holly Spirit ★


Jingle buns jingle buns jingle buns hop! He’s such a festive guy! Only at starryeyedsupplies for Yule… that’s the jingle buns hooooop...


Yes I’m a fruit loop I know.


★So festive! The Yule rabbit candle is a wondrous little soy dude in black with a sprinkle of snow & handpainted wax Holly

He’s actually super protective - infused with Holly spirit magick through my Celtic Witch practice (and black candles are protective too.)

He just wanted to be made that way & who am I to disagree… we all need a little extra shielding in the Xmas season for all sorts of reasons - it’s stressful.


Only at starryeyedsupplies for the festive season!


Burn with caution, Place on heatproof dish, do not leave unattended
All my own work, recipe and design all rights reserved


Soy wax with eco cotton wicking and candle dye

Burn with care!

Burn time approx 2 hours

Never leave a burning candle unattended
Remove herbs before burning 
Burn on a heat proof surface and dish incase of drips
Do not ingest

Jingle Buns! ★ Winter Hare Candle

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