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Kiss of Light - This beautiful Starry Spell Oil was designed to create an energy matrix temple to honour the Celtic Goddess Brigid who rules over healing, poetry and smithing, and is attributed with the power of the spoken word particularly sacred to the Celtic Bard tradition.

For my part, I think of this Goddess as being intertwined with many forms of alchemy; the ability to infuse and change all different forms of matter with magick.

In smithing, the alchemical process can be mundane as well as magickal, as items come together from separate parts and grow into some greater still; it is said that the mightest of Celtic weapons were infused with magick and lead their bearers to great victory.
In healing, the alchemy can come from potions and herbs, with wellness and recovery being their ultimate result.

In poetry and song, the bard infuses the spoken or sung word with personal magick so that their songs take flight, inspiring the hearts of many, recording history in oral form and teaching humanity the moral lessons of our forebearers.


This beautiful Spell Oil can be used to connect with and honour the Celtic Goddess Brigid in all her rites. Open yourself up the gentle light of the Celtic Goddess Brigid who rules over healing and poetry; feel her kiss on your brow and let the light of this incredible Goddess heal you from within.

Purify a weary soul and feel your growth take root, reflected in the growing light and the snowdrop buds all around at Imbolc.


Perfect for Imbolc altars and spellwork, or just to honour the Goddess.


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

All Starry eyed Oils are personally blended by me to a high witchy standard. All oil bases are natural oil, no synthetics. Oils may also include herbs, resins, roots, flowers and occasionally essential oils. All the good stuff, none of the ick.


Shake well before use.
Best stored out of direct sunlight.  


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved ©

Base carrier Oil - Olive 

Best before - 1 year shelf life
Created with dried botanicals


Not for cosmetic use



Kiss of Light - "in the Light of the Goddess Brigid" Spell Oil

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