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★ All the supporting vibes to help you love yourself, and help you be sure of your wonderful self once more. Love spells and attraction rituals of all kinds★


Love + manifestation


Love/manifestation powder in glass potion vial and heart and key charm on sustainable hemp thread


A beautifully finely milled love + manifestation powder containing 9 sacred herbs for love rituals of all kinds and helping you to manifest that into your life.


The first element that went into this particular powder is to protect your precious boundaries, only attracting love vibrations that are healthy, and open the doors of manifesting a solid foundation.


The powder can be used to love draw, but also in self love rituals & platonic situations.

The base is finely milled coconut by my own hand and it’s a unique energy to create a base from - I thoroughly enjoyed it! I think coconut is one of the most sensual scents and creates an energy of self worth.


It can be used in spells to remind yourself that you're awesome, engage with some self loving vibes, help to reassure yourself when you've been feeling low, aid you in self confidence, make you proud of your sexy self again, and for attraction magick to let healthy love in.


Perfect to roll candles in, add to dream pillows or love drawing sachets.


In glass potion bottle with heart locket charm

All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Love made manifest ★ Love + Manifestation ★ Spell powder

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