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★★★ Money Magick - Luck of the Blood ★★★


... "this is luck of the blood for wealth magick, full of upbeat enthusiastic wealth attraction and abundance juju... it’s delicious. So nutritious. Doesn’t do the dishes. But does grant wishes... witches!" - Joey Morris


★The OG (original goddess) Wealth & Abundance spell range, this bad boy is a fan favourite - mixing all elements necessary for money spells; attraction, opportunity, luck, determination, optimism & persistence, it also clears away negative energy or blocks that are hurting your abundance, and helps your creative energy to flow★


Need a bit of WHAM BAM GLITZ AND GLAM added to your wealth spells?

Need a lil firecracker to your money magicks?

It's ok... I gotchu. Babe...

We all live in a material world. And I am a material girl. I got your suuuuuupplies and they're starry eyed and will help in a material worrrrrld. (I'm not sure about all the retro song tunes either, they just seem to happen at a time like this...)

★ We live in a world where there is equal parts necessity and shame attached to money spells, and I really want the pure joy behind this spell range to blow that out of the water.

The spirit behind Luck of the Blood is fully confident and a little bit Diva...

"Sometimes you've got to demand opportunities even when it’s not easy; it’s better to act on overdue attention than find yourself overdue on bills. So says the spirit of this particular spell range, and girl will werkkk for her gold! You can do it!!!"

★ Luck of the Blood is imbued for energies of strong positive luck magick as well as abundance particularly with regards to wealth magick; attracting much needed financial gain.


★It helps open an individual up to opportunities that resonate with the idea of "increase" and good fortune. These energies can be adapted into personal spell work which allows the individual to tailor their spell to their individual needs.

★ Blood Orange is one of my favourite essential oils (and fruits!) It is deeper and richer than regular orange, it is uplifting, anti-depressant and calming side can help you take a deep breath and refocus when money issues are stressing you out.
It is associated with the Sun, which brings magick of prosperity, growth, and being seen. Perfection!

★ The blessing salts contain and are imbued with  Pyrite filings - that glitter and shimmer throughout the entire Spell salt, and eco friendly ingredients to boost your wealth and money spells to the next level.


★ Pyrite is associated with Fire/Earth and the energy of Leo. It is often used in abundance work and is a powerful shield to the auric body to stop negativity interfering with your energy.
It helps your creative juices to flow and initiates inspiration - perfect for new projects to bring in abundance!

For these salts though, avoid using in the bath, as the small pieces of pyrite could be sharp against naked skin. If you want to add some to water, perhaps place your hands in a small dish of water with the salts added - just be careful!!!


How to use blessing salts for money spells...

★ Create a poppet of yourself out of fabric or wax, and include the blessing salts and other wealth herbs and spices in the process
★ Add some to a charm bag to attract money and carry it with you or hang in a place of business
★ Roll a money candle in honey and then roll through the salts 
★ Put around the base of a candle or draw a invoking pentagram with it on a plate


My own work, recipe and design all rights reserved

Money Magick - Luck of the Blood - Witchcraft Blessing Salts

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