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Mothers of the Earth ★ Ancestral Offering powder ★


Offering powder in glass potion vial with goddess charm on sustainable hemp thread


★Grounding. Earthing. Reconnection to life-force "Memento Vivere," reminding you to LIVE.
Healing Old wounds particularly through the raw and evocative connection to Ancestry, particularly the Mothers of the Earth. Reminding you that you are connected to a whole. Connecting to the Spiritual Ecosystem for support when you are hurting or feeling isolated. Ancestral Healing. The connection to and honouring of Earth Spirits ★


Occasionally certain spell powders blow your (spirit) mind.

It happened with the Baba Yaga recipe & it happened with this one… the spirits were LOUD.

Every ingredient came through like an ancient recipe lost to time. I could hear all the spirits of the Mothers of Earth singing & clapping & defining what needed to be put into the cauldron (pot.)

Mothers of the Earth is a part of one of my ancestral chants that honours the mothers of each of the three Celtic realms of existence (Land, Sky, Sea.)

Mothers of the Earth are both those spirits of the land, but also the ancestral mothers most tied to the realm of Earth.

The hearth dwellers, bakers, alchemists, herbal healers, bone setters, birthing women, tea makers, weavers… all the mothers and their mothers who lived and wove magick with their hands.

This spell powder honours them. Connects us to them.

And my Goddess… what an incredible experience & honour it was to co-soul-create this one.


Ths beautiful powder can be used for connecting to those ancestral spirits who were the most connected to the realm of the Earth - and they can help you ground and reconnect.
They draw on their mass of experience to assist you when you feel disconnected and lost - reminding you to get out of your head, and into your hands.
When you cannot think straight, let your hands lead the way - create something. Brilliant for creative blocks and getting back to your sense of self after long periods of apathy, depression, or illness.


Mothers of the Earth
I have come to redefine what is being said of You
Though You already know it in your bones
That Earth Mothers are not just those that birth babies
Bloodline does not end at pregnancy
We honour those who do and do not
For it is but one piece, of the great mother weaving,
One small thread of many.
Oh Mothers of the Earth you are healers and herbalists,
Speaking to all Spirits with a gentle joy as you steep and spell,
Oh Mothers of the Earth you bake and break bread
And infuse us with wise counsel
Oh Mothers of the Earth you weave the most elaborate beauty
That stitches sacred into every line
Oh Mothers of the Earth you set bones and tend wounds
And scatter seeds of Rebirth into the ground
Stand vigil at the endings
And welcome in the new.
When did we lose sight that Patriarchy wants to remodel us as cattle to be bred and drain all the magick from our worth?
We step back into our wholeness.
For Mothers of Earth are so much more than one red thread - they are the life-force beneath and behind. ~ Joey Morris



★★★ How to use ★★★

★ Put in a dish under your bed to negate bad dreams and ward unwanted watchers or spirits, and call in all of the Mothers who will protect you.

★ Cast a line across your altar for spells pertaining to reclaiming your creativity - perhaps with an orange candle.

★ Use as an offering on Ancestral altars or in spells to help you feel connected to the spiritual ecosystem

★ Can be gifted to the surrounding land spirits as all ingredients are natural and biodegradable, or buried in offering.

★ Use in grounding spells

★ Use to symbolize the Waxing Moon. For the increase of creativity, abundance, and sense of self

★ Mitigate the negative effects of Mercury Retrograde.

★ For Spirit Callings and Ancestor works

★ Sprinkle on items or possessions that you feel represent blockages in your life (pesky bills!)


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Mothers of the Earth ★ Ancestral Offering powder ★

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