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Nine Wombs: Journeys to the Dark Goddess is a series of 9 fully guided meditations to help you journey to the Dark Goddess.


Each of these journeys took around 9 hours to create each journey, in order to take you through the Nine Wombs or Gateways to the Dark Goddess.
Each journey has a theme, a reason of being, an essence, and a destination.
Let us alchemize you along the path to the Dark Goddess so that you might know Her fully within yourself, as well as within Herself.

They include:


★Otherworld Roots

★The Celestial Blanket

★The Mirror Mask

★The Holy Dance

★Learn To See And Sea Again

★Sisterhood In Her Service

★Time Warp

★Cracks, Wrinkles, & Crones

★Black Waters


The average length of each journey is 40 minutes, and was originally created with a particular theme such as Healing, Grieving, Rebirth and so on.
On purchase you will have access to all of the links of these 9 Full Journeys to Goddess, instantly playable and infinitely repeatable as much as you need.

May these journeys inspire you, heal you, alchemize you and leave you transformed.


Remember always: You are seen, you are held, you are loved.


Many blessings,

Nine Wombs: Journeys to the Dark Goddess - Guided Meditations

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