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★Goddess Hel, Death, The Underworld, The liminal spaces, Memory, Grieving, The Forgotten★


Whilst creating these spell items it became important that they would embody; “Death stalking through the halls, the icy clutch of winter at the ocean shore, the entrance to the Underworld,” which was channeled from the Goddess Hel.


"There are tears in my eye
For your passing,
I hold my great arms aloft
To invite you to my hall
The end of hearts beating
It is all the same, in the shade."
- Joey Morris 'Hel' From Songs of Shades Vol. II


Temple of the Nordic Death Goddess Hel has been created to honour the Nordic Goddess Hel, patroness of Nordic Shamans and ruler of Helheim, the afterlife where souls who did not die honourably in battle pass through and are kept by Goddess Hel in an Elder tree until it is time for them to be reborn.


To travel to the realm of Helheim is to challenge your preconceived notions of what it means to die; in the in between spaces of liminality, where the ocean waves ache into eternity, pooling and catching the tears of all that mourned their losses.

The bittersweet tang of salt in the air, purifying and pungent, cleansing all that which hurts, although not always in the ways human beings prefer, it is not a clean or consistent clearing, it merely is what it is. When it hurts, when it cracks, when it splits open; there is Hel.


Shadows lurk and remind, whispers at the corner of your mind, her Temple set amidst the stones with many paths leading away and back again; unattended souls could wander forever and lose a part of themselves.


Death can do that, to those resistant to it.

There is truth here, and illumination. There is pain, and purpose. There is judgment and accountability; a nexus of human experience. Speak with Hel, and step into your forgotten selves.All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

All Starry eyed Oils are personally blended by me to a high witchy standard. All oil bases are natural oil, no synthetics. Oils may also include herbs, resins, roots, flowers and occasionally essential oils. All the good stuff, none of the ick.


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved ©

Base carrier Oil - Olive 

Best before - 1 year shelf life
Created with dried botanicals


Not for cosmetic use

Nordic Goddess ★ Hel ★ Spell Oil

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