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★Dark goddess Badb, The Phantom Queen, Honouring the Dead, Working with Ancestors, Spectral magick, Psychic and Prophetic work, Death Cycles, Shadow work★


I felt called to redesign one of the Badb votive candles, which expanded into the need to create a whole new line in offering to Honour my Matron Goddess, Badb, who insisted on the energy being called "Phantom Queen," despite my ideas around "The Red mouthed Badb."


This beautiful Spell Votive is the result, with the colours reflecting the nature of Badb, of Blood, Magick, and Death.


Connecting to The Goddess Badb as an aspect of The Morrigan can seem daunting, and truly tests us as human beings, our resolve, our resilience, our honour.
Badb in particular draws our shadows close so that we can overcome them, strengthening ourselves to all battles... those within, and those without.
We must honour all Death cycles, our own, those that occur within this lifes' incarnation, and physical death, as well as those ancestors of whom we are aware, and those of whom are forgotten.


Please note: Do not leave burning candles unattended


Burn with care! Place on a heatproof dish


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved ©


Soy Votive candle
Burn time approx 5-6 hours

Remove flower before burning to be safe

Phantom Queen - 'Red-mouthed Badb' Spell Votive Candle

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