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The Phoenix Spell Pendant has been created to embody the energies of the mythical creature, the Phoenix and help you to interweave this incredible energy into your spiritual life and magickal practice.

The legend of the Phoenix is a primal eternal story, one that still permeates our narratives to the present day. Different variants of the myth can be found across cultures and times, making this energy deeply significant and symbolic for the human psyche.


The energy of the Phoenix is primarily about rebirth and transformation; to burn away all that no longer serves through the transformative power of Fire magick. Within our lifetimes we constantly flow through the cycles of life, death and rebirth; needing at times to leave the past behind us in order to grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Sometimes we cling too tightly to our past experiences, afraid of what is to come - and this beautiful firey spell oil can help with that.

It has been created within an energy matrix of firey transformation; to encourage personal alchemy as a necessary and desirable process.


It can help instil us with the firey courage needed to make the journey and celebrate who we are to become.
The energy reminds us of the excitement of endless possibilities and opportunities, reminding us that we are worthy of them and should chase adventure with enthusiasm. It encourages us to let go of fear and self doubt, and to burn away any self loathing in the fires of transformation. If you can dream it, you can be it.


And when it burns
And when it bleeds
And if your heart cries
For what it needs
Hear me now
And hear me true
The will to live
Is inside of you
And if they try to
Put you to Pyre
Remember then
You're made of Fire
I'm standing here
A phoenix heart
From the ashes
Is where we start.

J.morris 2015

All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

The Phoenix ★ Transformation and Rebirth ★ Spell Pendant

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