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Each pack contains 2 Loaded Spell Candles


★★ Halloween, Samhain, The Dumb Supper, Ancestors, Past life recall, Communication with the beloved dead, Spirit Work, Expanding your psychic senses & assisting with Divination rituals,
The Dark Mother, Dark half of the year, creation of safe space & protection ★★


★Scent - Fully loaded spell candles packed with the energy of Spirit Work at Halloween / Samhain, anointed in Wild Fig essential oil , these soy dipped spell candles are loaded with a delicious blend of spirit conjuring herbs including (but not limited to) locally wildcrafted mugwort, coriander seeds & crossroad dirt.


These spell candles smell delicious. They are also magical af.

These particular spell candles focus on Spirit Work.

Connect to your beloved honoured dead, unknown ancestors, expand your psychic prowess, assist your divination, this spell matrix even helps you to connect to past lives.


Create a safe sacred space in which to commune with helpful ancestral spirits, connecting to the unseen realms with the intention of honour and integrity.


★ Fig in Witchcraft - connects to the Dark Earth Mother Goddesses & has magical properties of facilitating communication. It is said to facilitate a stronger connection to your higher self which assists with psychic ability and divination.


★ Apple in Witchcraft - Apple is a traditional Witch fruit with a pentagram at the centre if you slice into it; the energy behind it is varied, with magical properties of Love magick, Beauty, Wisdom and Knowledge, as well as divination and ancestral work. Traditionally at Samhain folks bob for apples and use them in rituals to know their future!


★ Honey is infused with the energy of eternity; that which is limitless and will endure. I adore it for working with Goddess & God energy. It is also used to for attraction and "sweetening" spells, to both attract what you desire, and to improve a situation.


★Whiskey has some fascinating uses in witchcraft. Did you know it’s not only a beverage used for the ancestors in offering but has ties to being a funerary beverage? It helps with the mourning process. It’s also used to ward off evil spirits!


NOTE - Loaded Spell candles MUST be burned in a safe heat proof container and NEVER left unattended. 
Due to the herbs on the outside they can burn quite vigorously as they release their spell - I recommend putting them in a Cauldron. 

All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved ©


10cm soy wax candles with dried herbs
Burn for approx 30-50 mins


Ritual spell candles ★ Feast of the Dead ★ Samhain Spirit Work

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