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★★★ Sacred Grove of Avalon - Temple Blessing Salt ★★★


... "Nemetona,
Of the Ancient way,
Who stirs amongst the Leaves
Opening the gates of welcoming twilight,
As moss-kissed branches stir, and beckon,
Into the Circle, away from the world,
This time-worn grove of trees..." - Joey Morris


★The Grove of Avalon, Forests, Connection to the Trees and Land Spirits,  connection to nature and the cycles of the Earth, grounding whilst meditating, enlightenment, repairing the aura, balance of the physical and etherical parts of the self, inspiration, life-force and shamanic journeying. Perfect for honouring the Celtic Goddess Nemetona, Lady of the Forests and Sacred Groves.★


 "Sacred Grove of Avalon" has been created to help you cleanse your home or space and create a sacred grove within.

The Druids believe that nature is the most sacred of places to connect with the divine, and in modern times this can sometimes prove difficult to achieve. "Sacred Grove" has been infused with energies of the sacred places of nature to help you bring that energy indoors. You can place this around your room, carry it with you, or even add to water if you so wish.


The Sacred Grove or Ring of Trees creates a spiritual temple where Sunlight floods into the Sacred Grove, it is a safe, uplifting, and sacred space in which to experience the connection to the spirits or Devas of the natural world around us and the Earth Element, purifying and cleansing. It is for creating a gentle, softer temple in which to connect with Earth Spirits in order to ground and replenish the soul.


Cleanse and purify any space with the salt based energy of "Sacred Grove of Avalon" in order to resanctify your sacred space, altar, or temple. Bring the magick of the Druids into your home today!


All my own work, design and recipe all rights reserved.

Bowl not included

"Sacred Grove of Avalon" Temple Blessing salt

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