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★ Goddess Morrigan, Shapeshifting, Spirit Work,Flying over the hedge, astral projection, soul travel, meditation, psychic senses, deep communion with spirits ★


It took several iterations but she’s here - and she’s a seriously powerful candle.


The shapeshifter aspect of The Morrigan is the one I find to be the most “Morrigan” if you can even describe it like that.

Ever changing, never fixed, eternal, nuanced and complex.


The candle reflects submerging into the Otherworld/Death as we shapeshift on Raven wings for soul travel.


The plants within are all singing songs of death, decay and otherness, so you perceive the world with your other eyes. Nothing is ever as it seems.

This candle is a portal into the Otherworld, witnessing time sped up as all rots down into the bones and the earth in but a blink of an eye. 


It is my belief that the core of the Goddess Morrigan is that of the Shapeshifter.
Whilst others might call Her a Goddess of War and Death (both of which I believe to be true,) it is within Her role as a shapeshifter that I believe Her true core self is revealed.


The Morrigan is change incarnate - She shapes the destiny of the Land and shifts the political and social shape of the culture of its people.
The Land and its ruler are directly tied together in the mythology, and as She holds power to depose a ruler, so she changes the shifting shape of the land.


I am
The Morrigan
I shift my shape
A Ravens' claw
Extends in flesh
Whilst I unmake
The mortal mesh

- Joey Morris ©


My own work, recipe and design all rights reserved. ©


Glass can get hot when candle is burning, please burn with care and use a heatproof mat underneath

Never leave a burning candle unattended
Remove herbs to lessen the heat / burn prior to burning
Burns for approx 5 hours


Size - Diameter: 125mm Height: 70mm

Dish will hold approx. 440g of Soy wax
Cotton Eco wick


Shapeshifting Goddess ★ The Morrigan ★ Spell Candle

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