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★Halloween, Samhain,The Dumb Supper,Communication withthe beloved dead, Spirit Work,The Dark Mother, Dark half of the year, creation of safe space & protection★


This is my own personal blend of seven herbs for conjure spirits & facilitating spirit communication including locally wildcrafted mugwort, as well as a pinch of crossroads dirt.


All of the spirit conjure herbs have a rich history within witchcraft to help you conjure spirits for communication & honouring the beloved dead at Samhain.


★The crossroads have a long rich history associated with them being a place of spirit conjuring and deals being made.

My personal recipe has a protection element built into the powder to keep communication honest and your energy protected (though I still advise protection work being a part of your witchcraft.)


★Mugwort spirit teaches us about dreaming - how to walk through our dreams & even through other peoples. She’s full of prophecy and witchiness - brewing up visions of the future, or perhaps just a good cup of tea.


★★★ How to use ★★★

★ Put in a dish on your ancestral altar before communing with the spirits of your beloved ancestors.

★ Cast a line across your altar for spells pertaining to Spirit work or Divination in the dark half of the year.

★ Use as an offering on Ancestral altars or in spells to help you feel connected to the spiritual ecosystem

★ Can be gifted to the surrounding land spirits as all ingredients are natural and biodegradable, or buried in offering.

★ Use in protection spells

★ Add to protection backs when you're having spiritual difficulties and you need to call on the spirits to assist you.

★ Mitigate the negative effects of negative energy or entities.

★ For Spirit Callings and Ancestor works


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved


    Spirit conjure powder ★ Feast of the Dead Samhain ★ Halloween

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