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New to Starry Eyed Supplies for Halloween only is the Spirit of Halloween Spell votive!

★Halloween Excitement, Joy, Energizing, Childlike wonder★

The Spirit of Halloween Spell votive has been designed to be an "all-rounder" Samhain Spell votive with a delectable Pumpkin spice scent and energies of the celebration of this most witchy time of year!!!

The Spirit of Halloween is aesthetically representative of Halloween Fireworks, or the magick in a Samhain cauldron; and epitomizes an air of excitement and anticipation that we all feel surrounding Halloween; sometimes we cannot fully explain it, perhaps it is the embracing of a little bit of our wild weird spooky selves that feels so liberating, perhaps it is the sights and scents of Autumn and Halloween rolled into one, perhaps it is the parties and fun and games... for the lighter side of Halloween this is definitely your go-to spell votive, as it will help you start your witches new year with a bang!

Embrace the magick of excitement and anticipation, of joy and frivolity this Halloween with the Spirit of Halloween Spell votive; let its childlike wonder carry you through and energize all that you do.

All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Spirit of Halloween Spell votive

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