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★ Connecting to the Loving Ancestors who want the best for you, Abundance, Wealth, Money Spells, Road-opening or Opportunity rituals, Luck, Honouring the Land Spirits & giving thanks for their bounty, Connection to all Spirits, Ancestral Veneration, Ancestral Healing with regards to shadows around money such as Poverty or Lack mindset or the veneration of being poor, Helping with personal shadows around money ★


Exclusive to starryeyedsupplies in biodegradable pots (2 sizes available.)


Many of the spirit powders are seasonal but I was instructed by spirit (in a very, weird, physical & tangible way) to create this spirit powder.

The premise starts with “your ancestors want you to be abundant.” A simple idea but one we often struggle with as spiritual people.

Abundance, wealth, doing well financially- are often described as negative ideals and are not encouraged by some spiritual people (most of them are likely hoarding finances and gaslighting others.)

Our ancestors see these situations without bias - they want us to be fed, watered, clothed, bedecked even! Celebrated. Living without fear. Doing better than they could. Cleansed of poverty mindset or worse - poverty exultation.

This brings joy back in when finances have been an issue (and right now they are for many of us.) As such - this is a permanent spirit / spell powder, because it may be needed at any time.

You can do traditional abundance / money spells with it but also deep healing of ancestral wounds or shadows around money. If you carry lack mentality in your bones, or money has been tied up with trauma - this powder can be part of the shadow rituals to set it right.

Created the matrix (as instructed) on Summer solstice so that all powders made from this point tap into that abundance of light & growth.


All natural ingredients.
All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved ©

Spirit Offering Powder ★ Ancestral Abundance

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