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★★★ Spirit offering powder - Ancient Grain Mother ★★★


★ Rebirth, Ancestor offering and veneration work, Spirit Work, Fertility, Abundance, Connection to the spiritual Ecosystem, Lughnasadh / Lammas, Spells for a better Harvest, Wealth ★


As Lughnasadh / Lammas approaches I’ve been thinking about spirit work again - what our ancestors might have felt and honoured - what we know about their experiences from the pages of history, and then the great swaths of the unknown, memories lost, that fall like grain.

The Ancient Grain Mother Goddess feels sorely absent in modern times being relegated to a negative role in myth (Demeter) or her funeral games now associated almost exclusively with her adopted son (Tailtiu.)

This spirit offering powder is designed to reconnect us with the divine feminine of fertility and abundance. To honour the times of good harvests and shared commonalities over good food.

The spirit powder can be gifted to the ancestors to thank them for all their hard work as well as their sacrifices.

“Blood in the land” is always what I hear with Lughnasadh & each year my understanding as to why deepens.
Yes, our ancestors fed blood into the land - a sacrifice of life force in return for life sustaining crops.
And the ancient grain goddess of Irish mythology gave her life for the same reason - allowing her life force to ebb into the land so that humankind might continue to exist. 
The sacred sharing of life force is an important part of Witchcraft to this witch - the energy exchange that happens every day, every time we eat, harvest, are born, and die - all spirits partake in the great cycle of energy that interlinks us all.


★ This powder can also be used for honouring the ancestors, connecting with the Ancient Grain Mother Goddess, for Lughnasadh / Lammas rituals, to give thanks for the harvests so far in life and to plant the energetic seeds for future harvests, for spells of Wealth, Abundance and all forms of fertility. It honours the cycles of Sacrifice, Life force, and Rebirth.


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Spirit Offering Powder - Ancient Grain Mother Goddess Spirit

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