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★ Honouring the Beloved Dead, Honouring the Forgotten Dead, A peaceful blend to put ill at ease spirits to peace, remembrance, the spirit of love, Ancestral healing, Returning peace to a home after a reluctant or fearful death★


Every Beltane I travel to the graveyards and place rose petals on the graves of the forgotten. Those graves that are abandoned, crumbling, or vandalised.
(If you want to find out how to do this yourself it is part of the Celtic Calling - Beltane & Elen of the Ways course here on store.)

This has been a part of my practice for as long as I can remember - and I was not taught to do this (by anyone in this lifetime.) This offering powder is the culimination of this ritual.

Beltane is the other gateway - opposite Samhain, and yet people tend to forget the ancestral connection.
All of those ancestors who lived, and loved, and were sexual beings... something we’re taught shame about for some reason, taught only to think of them as ghosts and not as people - or forget them altogether.


This beautiful offering powder combines elements of my preferences for offerings (such as the Roses I take to graves at Beltane) and traditional spirit herbs and roots used to honour and appease the Dead. It is a wonderful act of appreciation and remembrance from a place of love and gratitude.


It is wonderful as part of ancestral healing rituals or for spells where there are uneasy spirits causing a negative vibration because they feel ignored and unloved. (This is not for malicious spirits, that would require something else.) It can restore peace to a space after death as well - particularly if the deceased was reluctant or afraid at the point of death.


Exclusive to starryeyedsupplies in biodegradable pots (2 sizes available.)


All my own work, recipe and design all rights reserved

Bowl and Skull not included in sale

Spirit Offering Powder ★ For the Beloved Dead

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