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★ Memento Vivere (Remember to live), Honouring the ancestors & other spirits at Beltane, The essence of the Beltane Baelfire (bonfire) - Life/force, Sensuality, Sacred Sexuality, Ecstasy, Vitality, a Celebration of Life. Can kick apathy in the arse, and reconnect you to your inner vitality, energise your inner self & find your va-va-voom once again (especially if it’s been worn down over time.)★


Exclusive to starryeyedsupplies in biodegradable pots (2 sizes available.)


"Have you ever felt the clawing of others who seek to depose you from your crown for no reason better than in so doing they determine their own worth?
I have, and I have allowed it to burden me overlong.

No more, no more, this is my life, and you are not centre stage in this soliloquy. I have to remember how to live.


What brings me pleasure, what sets my spark alight. The essence of this Beltane is the beating heart of what it means to truly be alive, the great gift of opportunity and time, and getting aligned with what makes us feel emboldened and emblazoned. What stokes the fire of your personal passion, Starlet? Burn away that which truly does not matter. Let the toxic threads that strangle be done."
- Joey Morris - Memento Vivere at Beltane


Beltane is the Otherworld gateway opposite to Samhain. It is the gateway of Life.
But as with all paths in the Spiritual World, Life and Death are not separate, they exist within one another at all times, and so, at the celebration of Life/force, we too celebrate and honour the Spirits of the Dead.


Memento Vivere means “remember to live.”

I truly believe that our ancestral spirits (and all the spirits around us who care for us) want us to LIVE.
They lived and died so we might live. They celebrate our choices, our successes, even our defeats and hard earned lessons - because they stand with us, stand by us - and so too should we remember them and honour what they have given us. Life. They have given us this great gift of life.

Honour your ancestors, connect & speak with them this Beltane with this potent spirit offering powder.


This Spirit powder is perfect for introspection, as an offering to spirit ancestors and Land Spirits, as part of Beltane rituals to create a sacred space within, for giving to Gods and Goddesses you honour at this time of year.


It is also wonderful for spells and rituals connecting to your life/force - if you need energizing and to kick an apathetic mindset in the arse, this is the powder for you.
It is FULL of FIRE... it doesn't pull any punches, I tell you! Absolutely potent and powerful. 
Also wonderful for spells and rituals of sacred union, sexuality, sensuality, honouring the body, and a celebration of life.


All natural ingredients.
All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved ©

Spirit Offering Powder ★ Beltane ★ Memento Vivere

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