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*Well all the Dead really.


The creation of this Spirit Offering Powder is based on years of performing the "ritual of the forgotten dead" - a creation of my own design - at graveyards - which I have spoken about many times and even blogged about.
You can check the starry blog for further details if you would like!

But in short, at Beltane and Autumn Equinox I travel to local Graveyards and take offerings for the graves which have been discarded or fallen into disrepair.

This Spirit powder has been formulated as an offering for the Spirits including those who have been forgotten by humans.

It combines elements of my preferences for offerings (such as the Roses I take to graves at Beltane) and traditional spirit herbs and roots used to honour and appease the Dead.
This powder can also be used for restless land spirits and bringing calm to places of unrest by showing respect, or for feeding spirits that are joined in spirit housing.


All my own work, recipe and design all rights reserved

Bowl and Skull not included in sale

Spirit Offering Powder - "For the Forgotten Dead.”*

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