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★ Winter Solstice, Celebration, Connection to the Sacred Line, Connection to the Earth, Offering for the Ancestors, Attracting future Abundance, Protect your sacred space, Protect your sacred self, Uplift the spirits in the Winter season, feel your spirit family. ★


- All Spirit powders now come in a biodegradable pot!  2 sizes available
Not designed to be burnt.


The second spirit powder for Winter solstice is all about the energy of celebration & connection.

I often feel the true energy of celebration is lost to a capitalist sense of ownership & excess. Gift giving can be full of heart or it can be a competition - and society’s elite is invested in how much we spend.

Celebration with ancestors can indeed be the spirit of “I’m proud of how much more you have than we did!” But that’s because it helps you to be safe & comfortable.

Your ancestors also celebrate all of your wins - together as a spirit lineage. Even when we ourselves struggle to see them.

Winter solstice would have been a time of celebration - in defiance against the cold dark winter. I love the idea of laughter in the face of fear - it’s one of my favourite magical techniques of protection.
This spirit powder definitely packs a protective punch as well.
Uplifting the spirits and creating a barrier than cannot be messed with - it’s truly a joyful powder!


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Spirit Offering Powder - Heartfelt Holiday for Solstice

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