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★ Rebirth, Ancestor offering and veneration work, Spirit Work, Samhain, Honouring Death & Death Gods & Goddesses, Personal Inner Work, Gathering of the ancestors, Connection to the spiritual Ecosystem, Honouring the lessons & letting go ★


Spirit offering powders have been the 2021 addition to starryeyedsupplies to deepen our spirit work & connect to all spirits throughout different seasonal energies, Samhain is the pinnacle of that ancestral work - the night where (en mass) witches honour their bloodline as they step into the Witches New year.


The final harvest, Samhain honours Death. It takes away the fear mongering & dances with the macabre! 

It is infused with the energy behind the concept of Memento Mori... remember you too will die... a good reminder to value the sacredness in every breath. It reminds us we are alive, and to appreciate every experience allotted to us.

The spirit powder is infused with Memory.
I’ve been a bit obsessed with the lessons of memory this year on patreon - as the currency of life & death.

”We are all the moments of death that we carry with us,” - Goddess Badb in meditation


Honour your ancestors, connect & speak with them this Samhain with this potent spirit offering powder.


This Spirit powder is perfect for introspection, as an offering to spirit ancestors and Land Spirits, as part of Samhain rituals to create a sacred space within, for giving to Gods and Goddesses you honour at this time of year.


This spirit offering powder is designed to reconnect us with our ancestors, and to remind ourselves that we are the liminal space between life and death. Our memories matter, and within them we carry the imprint of all those who have gone before us. We are sacred messengers, and we can both hear what once was, and speak into being what shall be.

The spirit powder can be gifted to the ancestors to thank them for all their hard work as well as their sacrifices.


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Spirit Offering Powder - Night of the Dead - Samhain

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