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★ Rebirth, Ancestor offering and veneration work, Spirit Work, Descent into the Dark Half of the Year, Personal Inner Work, Gathering of the ancestors, Connection to the spiritual Ecosystem, Autumn Equinox, Wealth ★


The next spirit offering powder is for the energy of the second harvest at Autumn Equinox;

The most bountiful & abundant harvest of the year; and so we gather in circles to honour the spirits who have given of themselves so that we might live.


This spirit powder honours the spirits of the land, for our tree & plant allies for their offerings

The main essence of this powder is “gathering of generations” as we stand in a liminal space & connect to all of those who have walked before us.


We will stand at the Equinox in the balance before the dark half of the year holds sway - preparing for personal introspection of the lessons we have learnt this year and to honour the Goddess whose wisdom has flown into our spirit veins this year - we have enjoyed the pentacle wisdom at the centre of the apple and so journey back to the cauldron centre at the nexus of the universe.


This Spirit powder is perfect for introspection, as an offering to spirit ancestors and Land Spirits, as part of Equinox rituals to create a sacred space within, for giving to Gods and Goddesses you honour at Equinox (such as Cerridwen).


This spirit offering powder is designed to reconnect us with the divine feminine of fertility and abundance. To honour the times of good harvests and shared commonalities over good food, and thank the land for its offerings.

The spirit powder can be gifted to the ancestors to thank them for all their hard work as well as their sacrifices.


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Spirit Offering Powder - Spirit of the Harvest - Autumn Equinox

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